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Search Engine Friendly CMS

ShaplaCMS is a SEO CMS (Search Engine Friendly Content Management System) for small retail stores or small companies. We host and manage your web site so that you can always get help whenever you get stuck updating your site.

Ever used Drupal, Joomla, Wordpress or other content management systems? These platforms are built for anybody and everybody. Way too many options and very complicated to set up if you are not a tech person.

Your business probably needs 5 to 10 page web site to talk about your services or products, photos of your store or team members, Google maps for direction, coupons and a contact us page. You may also need a place to update daily, weekly or monthly events or specials.

More importantly, you probably want this page to rank in Google or Bing for certain keywords such as "Bakery in your town" or "best restaurant in your town". Also, if you give out your business card, you definitely want to show off a nice professional web site.


Very simple CMS

Our content management system is not fancy but gets the job done. There aren't many options in the system because for a small business site, you do not need hundreds of features. You simply need to add or edit pages on your site. And you need a super geek like me on your side just in case you get stuck.

Call my cell: 203-502-3245 (Evan Islam) if you are interested in a web site for your store or company.

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