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About Shapla CMS

Personal Story:

My name is Evan Islam and I have been building web sites since 2001. I have worked for several different companies building and maintaining many many web sites. I have built many sites from scratch and often I used many out of the box content management systems to manage my sites. 

I have worked with Joomla, Wordpress and Drupal. These are great softwares and I can configure these to my needs, but most businessowners or web designers don't have any clue on how to set these up. I have seen many companies hire web designers to build web sites in these platforms. The designers charge few thousand dollars or so and walk away after setting up the nice pretty site. 

When businesses need to make changes to these sites, they have hard time figuring out what to do. More importantly, if these sites are not constantly updated with security patches, the sites get hacked. It's annoying!!!

This is where Shapla CMS comes in. I don't want to build a web site and walk away from it. For a small monthly fee, I am responsible for these sites. I host these sites and if the site owner gets stuck with anything, I am one phone call or email away. VERY SIMPLE!!!